Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight – Powerful and Versatile

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Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight – Powerful and Versatile

Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight – Powerful and Versatile


The Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight is a revolutionary handheld device designed for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who require a reliable and powerful source of light. With its compact size and impressive features, this flashlight is perfect for various activities such as camping, hiking, and emergency situations.

Main Features

The Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight boasts an impressive 2200 lumens, providing a bright and clear illumination even in the darkest environments. Its powerful fluorescent optical lens enhances the light output, ensuring maximum visibility and clarity.

Equipped with a Li-ion battery, this flashlight offers long-lasting performance, allowing you to use it for extended periods without worrying about running out of power. The battery is rechargeable, making it convenient and cost-effective.

One of the standout features of the Vortex TC501R is its tailor-made lens for all functions. This innovative design allows you to easily switch between different lighting modes, such as high, low, strobe, and SOS, with just a single switch. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Powerful and bright illumination with 2200 lumens
  • Fluorescent optical lens for enhanced light output
  • Long-lasting Li-ion battery for extended use
  • Convenient one-switch operation for easy mode switching
  • Compact and portable design for easy carrying
  • Perfect for outdoor activities and emergency situations


The Vortex TC501R Outdoor Flashlight is a game-changer in the world of portable lighting. Its powerful illumination, versatile lens, and long-lasting battery make it an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast or professional. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or dealing with a power outage, this flashlight will provide you with the light you need. Invest in the Vortex TC501R and experience the difference it can make in your outdoor adventures.