Ultrax Labs Hair Surge | Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo 8 oz

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Ultrax Labs Hair Surge | Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo 8 oz

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge | Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo 8 oz

Enhanced Hair Volume and Quality!

Tackle your hair loss problems successfully with Ultrax Labs Hair Surge! It contains top-level ingredients like saw palmetto and caffeine, which are known to stimulate natural growth so your tresses will grow back thicker and more resilient than ever! It’s also expertly formulated to block an enzyme that changes testosterone into DHT, one of the major causes of pattern baldness in men and women.

Make it a Part of Your Hair Care Routine!

A well-rounded hair care routine will help you achieve better results with our products. You should also take care of your hair by eating the right diet and getting enough sleep. You can use our hair thickening treatment in place of your regular shampoo or as a supplement to it. Massage and lather the shampoo into your scalp and leave it in for up to 2 minutes before you rinse it. Make sure to use it five times a week so you can enjoy optimal results.

Healthy Hair for Men and Women

Hair Surge is not only a preventive solution but a proactive one as well. Our revolutionary formula includes ingredients that improve follicle health and scalp vitality from first use. These carry essential vitamins and nutrients that nourish your strands and follicles to promote healthy regrowth. These ingredients include menthol, peppermint oil, mango butter, and niacin. Our highly advanced shampoo is suitable and safe for use on all hair and skin types. It’s also meticulously formulated to work effectively for both men and women. It won’t take long before you wow everyone with your gorgeous mane!

Our Commitment to Your Beauty and Health

Here at Ultrax Labs, we are dedicated to bringing you innovative products that offer long-term cosmetic and hair health benefits. We have worked tirelessly for years to develop and perfect our formulations so you can enjoy products that are natural, potent, and highly effective. Grab a bottle of Ultrax Labs Hair Surge today and see the difference for yourself!

Science Backed Formulation

Advanced CaffinoPlex blend of Natural Caffeine and Saw Palmetto synergize to address hair loss and block DHT to thicken hair, reduce breakage, and stimulate natural hair growth.

Nutrient Dense

Powerful proprietary blend of ingredients including Niacin, Peppermint Oil, and Mango Butter work in harmony to nourish hair follicles, clean hair without stripping natural oils, and add volume and fullness.

Stimulate the Scalp

It all begins with the scalp. Our concentrated formula energizes and detoxes the scalp to strengthen hair follicles at the root without leaving hair greasy or unmanageable. Feel the tingling difference.

Everyday Use, Effective for All

Gentle enough to use as a routine shampoo. Effective anti-thinning hair boost for men and women of all hair types, including coily, curly, wavy, and straight hair.

Ultrax Labs Promise

We are hair enthusiasts devoted to creating high quality and innovative products. We are confident in our products and go above and beyond to offer a risk-free experience for customers. Made in the USA. No harmful chemicals. Always cruelty-free.