TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket

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TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket

TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket

Introducing the TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket. This innovative suitcase is designed to make your business trips more convenient and hassle-free. With its spacious interior, lightweight construction, and durable materials, it is the perfect travel companion for any professional.

Front Zipper Pocket

The TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On features a unique front zipper pocket that is specially designed for easy access to your electronics. Whether you need to grab your laptop or iPad quickly, this pocket allows you to separate your electronics from your clothes, making it easier to store and retrieve them when needed. The dimensions of the carry on with front laptop pocket are 14.57*10.03*22.04in (37*26*56cm) and it weighs only 7.93Ibs. With a capacity of 45L, it provides ample space for all your essentials. Please note that different airlines have different baggage allowances, so be sure to check the requirements of each airline before your trip.

Top PC + ABS Material

The TydeCkare Luggage is made of a brand new extra thick PC+ABS material for hardshell. This makes the luggage more impact-resistant, lighter, and durable. The micro-diamond polycarbonate texture is extremely scratch-resistant, ensuring that your suitcase stays beautiful trip after trip. The combination of ABS and PC makes it a great option if you plan to carry on your hardside carry on luggage.

Silent Wheels & Smooth Handle

With soft TPU and lubricating balls inside the wheels, the TydeCkare Luggage adapts to various ground surfaces and moves silently and smoothly in 360 degrees. The push-button locking handles provide easy maneuverability when extended from the suitcase and can be neatly stored inside when not in use. The adjustable handle allows you to customize the length to your preference, ensuring maximum comfort during your travels.

Convenient & Functional

The TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage is designed with convenience and functionality in mind. The top-mounted TSA locks act as a deterrent against theft, ensuring that only you or a TSA agent have easy access to your belongings when traveling. This eliminates the need to destroy your luggage during customs checks. The suitcase also features a mesh divider and cross straps in the main compartment, as well as a waterproof compartment for dry and wet separation. This provides you with multifunctional storage space to keep your items organized and secure.

No-worry After Sales

At TydeCkare, we stand behind the quality of our products. This suitcase comes with a 2-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, giving you peace of mind. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying solution to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can the front zipper pocket fit a 15.6-inch laptop?
  • A: Yes, the front laptop pocket is designed to accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop or iPad.
  • Q: Is the luggage suitable for carry-on?
  • A: Yes, the TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage meets most airlines’ carry-on size requirements. However, it is always recommended to check with your specific airline for their regulations.
  • Q: Does the luggage come with a TSA lock?
  • A: Yes, the suitcase is equipped with a top-mounted TSA lock for added security.
  • Q: Is the handle adjustable?
  • A: Yes, the handle can be adjusted to your preferred length for comfortable handling.


The TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage with Front Zipper Pocket is the ultimate travel companion for business trips. Its innovative design, lightweight construction, and durable materials make it a reliable and convenient choice. With its front laptop pocket, TSA lock, silent wheels, and smooth handle, it offers both functionality and style. Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling with the TydeCkare 20 Inch Carry On Luggage. Experience the difference today!