ThreeWOT Fencing Glove – Washable Anti-Skid Practice Gloves for Sabre/Epee/Foil (Right Hand)

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ThreeWOT Fencing Glove – Washable Anti-Skid Practice Gloves for Sabre/Epee/Foil (Right Hand)

ThreeWOT Fencing Glove

Experience the ultimate protection and performance with the ThreeWOT Fencing Glove. Designed specifically for right-handed fencers, this washable and anti-skid practice glove is a must-have for sabre, epee, and foil enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Protection

When it comes to fencing, safety is paramount. The ThreeWOT Fencing Glove offers unparalleled protection for your hand, ensuring maximum safety during intense training sessions and competitions. Made from high-quality materials, this glove is built to withstand the rigors of fencing, providing you with the confidence to push your limits.

Washable and Hygienic

Keeping your fencing gear clean and hygienic is essential. The ThreeWOT Fencing Glove is fully washable, allowing you to maintain its freshness and cleanliness after every use. Simply toss it in the washing machine, and it will be ready for your next training session. Say goodbye to sweaty and smelly gloves!

Anti-Skid Design

Enhance your grip and control with the anti-skid design of the ThreeWOT Fencing Glove. The specialized palm area provides excellent traction, ensuring that your weapon stays securely in your hand. No more worrying about accidental slips or losing your grip during crucial moments. Stay focused and confident throughout your fencing sessions.

Perfect Fit

The ThreeWOT Fencing Glove is designed to provide a perfect fit for right-handed fencers. With its ergonomic design and adjustable straps, you can customize the glove to your hand size, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Focus on your technique and performance without any distractions caused by ill-fitting gloves.

  1. Can I use this glove for left-handed fencing?
  2. No, the ThreeWOT Fencing Glove is specifically designed for right-handed fencers. We recommend checking out our left-handed version for a perfect fit.

  3. Is the glove suitable for both beginners and advanced fencers?
  4. Absolutely! The ThreeWOT Fencing Glove is suitable for fencers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, this glove will provide the protection and performance you need.

  5. How often should I wash the glove?
  6. We recommend washing the glove after every use to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene. Simply follow the washing instructions provided, and your glove will be ready for action in no time.


The ThreeWOT Fencing Glove is the ultimate choice for right-handed fencers seeking top-notch protection and performance. With its washable and anti-skid design, this glove ensures a comfortable and secure grip, allowing you to focus on perfecting your fencing skills. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the ThreeWOT Fencing Glove and elevate your fencing experience.