Terramed Sparrow Migraine Glasses – Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief

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Terramed Sparrow Migraine Glasses – Migraine Relief and Light Sensitivity Relief

Terramed Sparrow Migraine Glasses

Why Terramed Headache and Migraine Glasses?

It’s not practical to wear sunglasses indoors, but studies have shown that 60% of migraine attacks are triggered by bright and reflected light or glare. Terramed glasses for light sensitivity indoors are specially designed to be lightweight for comfort, and most importantly they block out the bright lights for the photophobic or light sensitive.

If you have a headache or migraine disorder, concussion, traumatic brain injury, or other chronic pain condition, you want to take whatever measures are necessary to prevent headache symptoms and pain. Additionally, migraines are the most commonly reported cause of photophobia, which is eye sensitivity or discomfort in bright light. This makes sense since up to 80% of people with migraine disorder experience sensitivity to light during an attack and bright lights triggering headaches or ocular migraine.

Light sensitivity has also been reported with other types of headaches, including tension-type headache, cluster headache, and hemicrania continua. Although we can’t guarantee relief for your symptoms, 90% of our customers do experience dramatic improvement using these glasses to prevent migraines.

Product Features

  • Patented technology precision-tinted migraine lenses to block light that can trigger or worsen symptoms
  • Lenses help you hold focus on digital devices and minimize eye muscle fatigue
  • Made of ultra-lightweight polycarbonate to lower pressure on your face and head
  • Scratch resistant hydroleophobic hard coating, hydrophobic (water repellent), and debris resistant

Stop Migraines Before They Start

Fluorescent and bright lighting is a trigger for migraines in children and adults, and continued exposure to light can make things even worse. Wearing migraine light sensitivity glasses while working on a computer or under fluorescent lights can help. Our fl-41 anti migraine glasses are specially designed for all-day wear indoors to prevent and reduce the frequency of migraines, relieve symptoms from light sensitivity, and minimize eye strain and fatigue.

Lightweight Solution to a Heavy Problem

When you have a migraine, anything you put on your face feels like a heavy weight and pushes down on sensitive painful areas, making your attempt to block the light even worse! Heavy sunglasses are not the answer. Terramed fluorescent light migraine glasses for women or men are specially designed indoor glasses with a lightweight frame that comfortably fits the face.

Experience Relief

90% of our customers reported relief from migraine symptoms and light sensitivity with their new glasses for migraine headaches. Terramed glasses for migraine sufferers are FDA Registered and Approved! Try them today to see if these special glasses for light sensitivity will be a good option for relief of your migraines, post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and other chronic conditions.

Student Solution

With more electronics and bright lights in newer classrooms, more and more students are suffering from eye strain, light sensitivity, and migraines. Send your daughter or son to school with an all-day wearable solution to this problem and help them maintain their focus, prevent headaches, and reduce eye strain and fatigue all day long with these rose-tinted glasses for light sensitivity.

Great Gift

Do you have a loved one, friend, or coworker who suffers from migraines? Often migraine sufferers are overwhelmed with the multitude of options on the market and aren’t sure of the best migraine glasses to buy for themselves. Help them by giving these fashionable yet practical unisex migraine relief glasses as a thoughtful birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift. They will be delighted to try them and experience relief!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these glasses completely eliminate migraines?

No, we cannot guarantee that these glasses will completely eliminate migraines. However, 90% of our customers have reported significant improvement in their symptoms and a reduction in the frequency of migraines.

2. Can these glasses be worn outdoors?

No, these glasses are specifically designed for indoor use. They are not sunglasses and do not provide the same level of protection against outdoor light.

3. Are these glasses suitable for children?

Yes, these glasses can be worn by both adults and children. However, please ensure that the glasses fit properly and comfortably on the child’s face.

4. How long should I wear these glasses for?

You can wear these glasses for as long as needed. Many of our customers find relief by wearing them throughout the day, especially when working on digital devices or under fluorescent lights.

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