Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle (Youth Fit)

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Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle (Youth Fit)

Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle (Youth Fit)

Introducing the Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle (Youth Fit) – the ultimate eyewear for young outdoor enthusiasts. Designed with precision and style, these goggles offer unmatched protection and clarity for all their adventures.

Features and Benefits

1. Youth Fit

The Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle is specifically designed to fit young faces comfortably. With an adjustable strap and flexible frame, these goggles provide a secure and snug fit for all-day wear.

2. Enhanced Vision

Equipped with Smith Optics’ advanced lens technology, these goggles offer exceptional clarity and visibility in various weather conditions. The anti-fog coating ensures a clear view, while the UV protection shields young eyes from harmful sun rays.

3. Durable Construction

The Gambler Goggle features a durable frame and impact-resistant lens, making it perfect for active kids. Whether they’re skiing, snowboarding, or engaging in other outdoor activities, these goggles can withstand rough use and provide reliable protection.

4. Comfortable Fit

The soft foam padding and adjustable strap ensure a comfortable fit for extended wear. The goggles stay securely in place, allowing young adventurers to focus on their activities without any distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these goggles suitable for all outdoor activities?

A: Yes, the Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle is versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and even biking.

Q: Can these goggles be worn over prescription glasses?

A: No, these goggles are not designed to be worn over prescription glasses. However, they provide ample space for most young users.

Q: Are replacement lenses available?

A: Yes, replacement lenses are available for the Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle. They can be easily swapped out for different weather conditions or personal preferences.


The Smith OpticsUnisex Gambler Goggle (Youth Fit) is the perfect eyewear for young adventurers. With its comfortable fit, enhanced vision, and durable construction, these goggles provide the ultimate protection and style. Invest in these goggles and let your kids explore the great outdoors with confidence.