Sea Zoo! Sea Monkeys Blue Set

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Sea Zoo! Sea Monkeys Blue Set

Sea Zoo! Sea Monkeys Blue Set

Are you ready to embark on an underwater adventure? Look no further than the Sea Monkeys Blue Set at Sea Zoo! These incredible creatures will captivate your imagination and provide endless hours of entertainment. Dive into the world of Sea Monkeys and discover the wonders that await you!

What are Sea Monkeys?

Sea Monkeys are a unique species of brine shrimp that have been specially bred for home aquariums. They are known for their vibrant blue color and fascinating life cycle. These tiny creatures start off as eggs, which hatch into nauplius larvae. As they grow, they develop into adult Sea Monkeys with their characteristic long tails and graceful movements.

How to Care for Sea Monkeys

Caring for Sea Monkeys is a breeze with the Sea Monkeys Blue Set. Here are some tips to ensure their well-being:

  1. Fill the provided tank with purified water.
  2. Add the Sea Monkey eggs and follow the instructions for hatching.
  3. Feed the Sea Monkeys with the included growth food.
  4. Keep the tank in a well-lit area, away from direct sunlight.
  5. Maintain the water temperature within the recommended range.
  6. Enjoy watching your Sea Monkeys grow and thrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How long does it take for Sea Monkeys to hatch?
  2. A: Sea Monkey eggs usually hatch within 24-48 hours after being placed in water.

  3. Q: Can Sea Monkeys live in tap water?
  4. A: It is recommended to use purified water or water treated with a water conditioner to ensure the best conditions for your Sea Monkeys.

  5. Q: How often should I feed my Sea Monkeys?
  6. A: Feed your Sea Monkeys once a week, following the instructions provided with the Sea Monkeys Blue Set.


The Sea Monkeys Blue Set is the perfect way to bring the wonders of the ocean into your home. With their mesmerizing blue color and unique life cycle, Sea Monkeys will provide endless fascination for both children and adults alike. Dive into the world of Sea Monkeys and create your own underwater paradise today!