Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager System

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Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager System

Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager System

Safe; A wireless pager system can let the customer waiting order in their car or an open area; People can keep a social distance when they are in restaurants bars or hospitals; Waiting area will not be crowded and work will be more safe and efficient.

Effective; 2 call mode; Flash+beeps mode or only flash mode are useful in noisy or quiet places; Waiter can set the beep duration between 1-99 seconds so the pager will not beeps all the time.

Long standby time; Pager can work 20 hours after charging; Put the free pager in the charging base then it can always have power; Calling distance is 300 meters in open area so it’s enough to use in a restaurant or on the street.

Easy and useful; Out of the box; Restaurant pagers support 1 click to shutdown all pagers in the charging base; Don’t have to shut them down one by one.

Expanded; A wireless calling system can add more calling keypads and pagers (up to 998) if your business grows.


1. Can the pager system be used in a noisy environment?

Yes, the pager system has a flash+beeps mode that can be used in noisy places to ensure that customers are alerted.

2. How long does the pager battery last?

The pager can work for 20 hours after a full charge, ensuring that it can last throughout the day.

3. Can the pager system be expanded?

Yes, the wireless calling system can be expanded by adding more calling keypads and pagers, allowing for scalability as your business grows.


The Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager System is a safe and effective solution for managing customer waiting orders. With its long standby time and easy-to-use features, it provides convenience and efficiency for restaurants, bars, and other establishments. The system’s expandability ensures that it can adapt to the needs of a growing business. Invest in the Retekess TD157 Restaurant Pager System to enhance your customer service and improve overall operations.