Protect and Carry Your Child’s Gear with the J.L. Childress Go-Go Travel Bag

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Protect and Carry Your Child’s Gear with the J.L. Childress Go-Go Travel Bag


Traveling with children can be a challenge, especially when it comes to carrying their gear. The J.L. Childress Go-Go Travel Bag is the perfect solution for parents on the go. This compact bag is designed to protect and carry your child’s backless booster car seat, compact travel stroller, baby seat, infant positioner, or booster seat with ease and style.

Features and Benefits

Secure Attachment

The Go-Go Travel Bag features a unique back panel that securely attaches around luggage handles using a Velcro strip. This makes it ideal for use on top of luggage when navigating through airports or cruise terminals. Please note that this bag is not intended for airline baggage or gate check.

Bold Chevron Design

With its bold chevron pattern, this travel bag is easy to spot when traveling. You can quickly identify your child’s gear among the sea of bags, ensuring that nothing gets left behind.

Convenient Carrying

The Go-Go Travel Bag comes with extra-long shoulder straps, making it comfortable to carry over your shoulder. Whether you’re rushing through the airport or exploring a new city, this bag won’t weigh you down.

Versatile Usage

This bag is not just for travel. It can also be used as a storage bag, beach bag, toy bag, or shopping bag. Its versatility makes it a practical accessory for any parent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this bag for airline baggage check?

No, the Go-Go Travel Bag is not recommended for airline baggage check. It is designed as a carry-bag, not for checking in with your luggage.

What strollers does this bag fit?

The Go-Go Travel Bag fits gb Pockit and BabyZen Yoyo strollers, providing a convenient and protective solution for your compact travel stroller.

Is the bag easy to clean?

Yes, the Go-Go Travel Bag is made of easy-to-clean polyester. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and it will be ready for your next adventure.


The J.L. Childress Go-Go Travel Bag is a must-have accessory for parents who are always on the go. Its compact size, secure attachment, and versatile usage make it the perfect companion for protecting and carrying your child’s gear. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, this bag ensures that your child’s backless booster car seat or compact travel stroller stays clean and germ-free. Invest in the Go-Go Travel Bag and make your family’s adventures hassle-free and stylish.