Promote Babe Hanging Car Seat Toys – The Perfect Toy for Your Baby

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Promote Babe Hanging Car Seat Toys – The Perfect Toy for Your Baby

Promote Babe Hanging Car Seat Toys – The Perfect Toy for Your Baby

About the Product

Product name: Car Seat Toy

Brand: Promise Babe

Material: Cotton

Color: Multicolor

Specification: 1pc

Applicable age: Above 0 years

Useful for Your Baby

  • 100% cotton, soft and comfortable
  • Small and light, suitable for babies to play
  • Encourage the development of babies’ practical ability
  • Promote the development of the baby’s brain
  • Enhance the cognition of shapes
  • Inspire children’s imagination

Additional Care Instructions

It’s best to use hand washing: wash with mild soapy water and air dry naturally after washing. It’s better not to expose to the sun for a long time. This will make the short plush on the stroller toy become lumpy and uncomfortable.

Sensory Skills Development

The Promise Babe Hanging Car Seat Toys allow your baby to pull, touch, and squeeze sheep, developing touch and hand-eye coordination, and exercising the baby’s grasp ability. It enhances hand strength and promotes sensory skills development.

Elegant Color & Unique Design

The stroller toys come in simple pastel colors that do not damage the visual nerve while the baby is developing vision. It’s easy to spiral the hanging toy on car seat mobile, baby carrier, bassinet stroller bar, crib rails, and shopping cart handles. The unique design ensures versatility and convenience.

Makes a “BB” Sound

The sheep in the Infant Car Seat toy, the stars, and the moon all make sounds. Just pinch the sheep’s body to make a “BB” sound, and if you shake the stars and the moon, their inner bells will make a ringing sound. This feature attracts your baby’s attention and promotes auditory development.

Premium Comfort Cotton

Unlike the plastic toys on the market, the entire spiral hanging stroller toy is made of soft cotton (except for the inner bell). The overall texture is comfortable and close to the skin, ensuring the safety and comfort of your baby.

Great Idea for Gift

The spiral stroller car seat toy is easy to store, and its portability makes it easy for people to take it anywhere. It is a perfect gift for newborn babies as shower gifts, birthday gifts, and more. With this toy, your baby will have a companion for endless fun and development.