Penguin Pottery – Sodium Silicate Solution – Deflocculant – 16 oz

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Penguin Pottery – Sodium Silicate Solution – Deflocculant – 16 oz

Penguin Pottery – Sodium Silicate Solution – Deflocculant – 16 oz


Welcome to Penguin Pottery, where we offer a wide range of high-quality pottery supplies. In this article, we will introduce you to our Sodium Silicate Solution, a powerful deflocculant designed to enhance your pottery casting process. With its unique formulation and easy-to-use nature, our Sodium Silicate Solution is a must-have for any pottery enthusiast.

What is Sodium Silicate Solution?

Sodium Silicate Solution, also known as water glass, is a versatile substance used in various industries, including pottery. It is a water-soluble solution made by combining soda and silica. When added to casting slips, it acts as a deflocculant, reducing the viscosity of the slip and improving its flowability.

The Benefits of Penguin Pottery’s Sodium Silicate Solution

Our Sodium Silicate Solution offers several advantages that make it the ideal choice for pottery enthusiasts:

  • Improved Flowability: By deflocculating casting slips, our solution enhances their flowability, allowing for smoother and more precise pouring.
  • Reduced Drying Time: The deflocculated slip dries faster, saving you valuable time during the pottery process.
  • Enhanced Strength: The use of Sodium Silicate Solution results in stronger and more durable pottery pieces.
  • Easy to Use: Our solution comes in a convenient 16 oz bottle, making it easy to measure and add to your casting slips.

How to Use Sodium Silicate Solution

Using our Sodium Silicate Solution is simple:

  1. Measure the desired amount of solution using the provided markings on the bottle.
  2. Add the solution to your casting slip gradually, stirring continuously.
  3. Observe the changes in viscosity and adjust the amount of solution as needed.
  4. Once the desired flowability is achieved, your deflocculated slip is ready for use.


In conclusion, Penguin Pottery’s Sodium Silicate Solution is a game-changer for pottery enthusiasts. Its ability to deflocculate casting slips and improve flowability makes it an essential tool in any potter’s arsenal. Experience the benefits of our high-quality Sodium Silicate Solution and take your pottery creations to the next level.

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