Penguin Pottery – Premium Ceramic Wax Resist for Pottery Glaze

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Penguin Pottery – Premium Ceramic Wax Resist for Pottery Glaze

Penguin Pottery – Premium Ceramic Wax Resist for Pottery Glaze

About Penguin Pottery Supplies

Penguin Pottery was founded in 2020 with a simple mission: to increase access to a wide range of pottery and ceramic arts supplies, while doing so in an ecologically-responsible way. When you purchase a Penguin Pottery product, you are supporting a company that is committed to always explore ways to combine our passion for pottery with our love for our planet. Thank you for your support.

What is Wax Resist?

Wax resist creates a barrier between the clay and ceramic glaze. Wax naturally repels water and seals over the ceramic clay to keep glaze out. Our wax is made in the USA and has excellent quick drying properties with just the right viscosity so it brushes evenly and smoothly.

How to Use Wax Resist

The most common use is to paint the bottoms of pots and plates before applying pottery glazes (a glazed bottom will likely stick to the kiln furniture when firing). Another awesome application is to paint designs on your pieces to create negative space and show off the unglazed clay. Wax resist will also slow down drying of your pottery clay.

Firing Wax Resist in a Pottery Kiln

Don’t worry about applying as much wax resist as you need to your ceramic clay. Wax will burn off at low temperature during the bisque firing process, revealing designs, base colors, or just unglazed clay underneath. That’s why wax for pottery is such a fun and awesome tool in your pottery supplies toolkit!

How to Clean Wax Resist

Cleaning wax resist is super easy to clean because we use water soluble wax resist. Dip your brush in soapy water or fabric softener before using wax resist, and the brush will be easier to clean. When you’re done, make sure to rinse your brush in warm soapy water. The wax is water soluble so it’ll come right off.

Lifetime Warranty

All Penguin Pottery products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. If you have any issues, we will give you a refund or replace your product – no questions asked! See warranty & support section for more information.