M-Tac Poncho Mens Military Army Raincoat Ripstop Waterproof Rain Cover

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M-Tac Poncho Mens Military Army Raincoat Ripstop Waterproof Rain Cover

M-Tac Poncho Mens Military Army Raincoat Ripstop Waterproof Rain Cover


When it’s raining, it’s imperative to have the right hunting rain poncho for men, rain poncho for backpacking, or rain gear for fishing. This piece of fishing rain gear for men waterproof is all three and more. It even beats out hooded raincoats or a travel blanket for convenience.

Main Features

Multi-Use and Convenient

This foldable and rip-resistant poncho army is ideal for outdoor activities. The men’s multi-use camouflage poncho can stop rain without issue and cover a bag easily. Plus, the grommets make it easy to attach to anything, unlike normal ponchos.

Lightweight and Comfortable

This lightweight poncho rain was designed for an adult. The coloration matches other uniform-inspired gear with olive and hunter green. The construction is proof against rain and big enough to make the trip comfortable.

Emergency Shelter

This military waterproof poncho is also good to have around in an emergency. Not only can it help maintain body warmth, but it also quickly becomes an emergency shelter as well. The grommets make it easy to build with, and the 100% polyamide is quick drying.

Product Specifications

  • Fit Type: Loose
  • Lightweight: This lightweight hiking rain gear for men features a practical construction that quickly folds into a small pouch for easy carrying. The long army poncho fits easily in a backpack.
  • Durable: This polyamide poncho features durable fabric, reinforced grommets in the edges, and minimal weight. It’s ideal for camping, patrol, fishing, or survival situations.
  • Rainproof: These rain ponchos for men waterproof with hood are impermeable. This tactical poncho for men remains light and breathable using principles from USMC and ACU styles.
  • Convertible: These rain ponchos for adults reusable can also create a military poncho shelter. The portable OCP poncho can create a tarp grade tent shelter quickly with the lashing grommets.
  • Tactical: This waterproof poncho with hood functions as a raincoat and features a drawstring hood. The heavy-duty rain poncho for men features a foldable design and camo cover coloration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this poncho suitable for heavy rain?

A: Yes, this poncho is rainproof and can withstand heavy rain without any issues.

Q: Can it fit in a small backpack?

A: Absolutely! This lightweight poncho folds into a small pouch, making it easy to carry in a backpack.

Q: Can it be used as a shelter?

A: Yes, the grommets on this poncho allow you to quickly create a shelter or tent in emergency situations.

Q: Is it suitable for hunting?

A: Definitely! The camouflage design of this poncho makes it perfect for hunting trips.

Discover the M-Tac Poncho, a versatile and durable rain gear for men. Perfect for hunting, backpacking, and fishing, this waterproof poncho is lightweight and easy to carry. Learn more about its features and benefits.