Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table

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Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table

Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table

Flip into fun with the Little Tikes Leaping Frog Water Table! This interactive outdoor toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment for kids. With its vibrant colors and exciting features, it is sure to be a hit among children of all ages.


Launch colorful frogs onto lily pads

The center leaf tower of the water table allows kids to launch colorful frogs onto the lily pads. This activity helps improve hand-eye coordination and provides endless fun as kids try to land the frogs on the target.

Turn the spinner for a lazy river

The water table features a spinner that powers the “lazy river.” Kids can turn the spinner to create a flowing current, adding an extra element of excitement to their playtime. This feature also helps develop fine motor skills.

Accessories included

The Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table comes with five frogs, two floating lily pads, and one fill cup. These accessories enhance the play experience and allow kids to explore different ways of interacting with the water table.

Large capacity

This water table can hold up to seven gallons of water, providing ample space for multiple children to play together. The generous size ensures that everyone can have a splash-tastic time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this water table suitable for toddlers?

A: Yes, the Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table is designed for children aged 2 and above. It is a safe and engaging toy for toddlers to enjoy outdoor water play.

Q: How do I clean the water table?

A: The water table comes with an easy-drain plug, making it simple to empty the water after playtime. Additionally, you can wipe down the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

Q: Can this water table be used indoors?

A: While the water table is primarily designed for outdoor use, it can also be used indoors with proper precautions. Ensure that the area is well-protected from water splashes and that the floor is waterproof.


The Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table is a fantastic addition to any backyard or play area. Its interactive features, such as launching frogs and a spinning lazy river, provide endless entertainment for kids. With its durable construction and easy-drain plug, this water table is designed to withstand hours of play and make clean-up a breeze. Get ready for a splashing good time with the Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table!