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Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala – Om Pooja Shop

Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala

Are you looking for a spiritual tool that can enhance your meditation and bring positive energy into your life? Look no further than the Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala available at Om Pooja Shop. This unique and beautiful mala is not only a fashion accessory but also a powerful tool for spiritual growth.

Discover the Beauty of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been highly valued for centuries. Its vibrant color and unique patterns make it a popular choice for jewelry and spiritual practices. Lapis Lazuli is believed to have healing properties and is associated with enhancing wisdom, intuition, and spiritual growth.

Powerful and Meaningful

The Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala is carefully handcrafted using genuine Lapis Lazuli beads. Each bead is selected for its quality and energy, ensuring that you receive a mala that is not only beautiful but also powerful. The mala is designed to be worn as a necklace or used for meditation and chanting.

Enhance Your Spiritual Practice

By using the Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala during your meditation or chanting practice, you can enhance your focus and deepen your connection with your inner self. The energy of the Lapis Lazuli stone can help you release negative emotions, promote clarity of thought, and open your third eye chakra.

  1. Q: How long is the Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala?
  2. A: The mala is approximately 108 beads long, which is a traditional length for meditation malas.

  3. Q: Can I wear the mala as a bracelet?
  4. A: Yes, the mala can be wrapped around your wrist multiple times to be worn as a bracelet.

  5. Q: How should I cleanse and energize the mala?
  6. A: You can cleanse the mala by placing it under running water or using a cleansing crystal such as selenite. To energize it, you can leave it under the moonlight overnight or use a crystal charging plate.


Experience the beauty and power of the Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads Mala from Om Pooja Shop. Whether you are a spiritual seeker or a fashion enthusiast, this mala is a must-have accessory. Enhance your spiritual practice, promote inner peace, and embrace the positive energy that this unique mala brings into your life.