Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower

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Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower

Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower

Product Description

Discover the Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower, a high-quality and innovative cat tree that will provide endless entertainment for your furry friend. With a diameter of 38cm and a height of 187cm, this beige cat tree is the perfect addition to any home.


Store in a cool and dry place.

Box Contains

  • Dolomite Tower Cat Scratching Post Diameter 38 cm Height 187 cm Beige


Sturdy Construction

The Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower is built to last. With a solid scratching post diameter of 22cm that can be attached to the wall for added stability, you can be confident that your cat will have a safe and secure place to play and relax.

Plush Cushion

The cat tree comes with a plush cushion with a diameter of 46cm. The cushion is attached with a Velcro strap, making it easy to remove and clean. Your cat will love lounging on this soft and comfortable cushion.

Sisal Carpet

The base plate of the cat tree has a diameter of 38cm and is equipped with plastic feet for added stability. The pillars are covered with sisal carpet, providing the perfect surface for your cat to scratch and sharpen their claws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cat tree easy to assemble?

Yes, the Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower is easy to assemble. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary tools and hardware.

Can the cushion be washed?

Yes, the cushion is washable at 30°C. Simply remove it from the cat tree and follow the care instructions.

Is the cat tree suitable for large cats?

Yes, the cat tree is suitable for cats of all sizes. The sturdy construction can support the weight of larger cats without any issues.


The Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower is the ultimate cat tree for your feline friend. With its innovative design, high-quality materials, and endless entertainment possibilities, your cat will never get bored. Give your cat the gift of a lifetime with the Kerbl Cat Tree Dolomit Tower.