Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin – Black Tight Lid 87ltr

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Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin – Black Tight Lid 87ltr

Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin – Black Tight Lid 87ltr


Welcome to our article on the Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin – Black Tight Lid 87ltr. This innovative waste bin is designed to keep your kitchen clean and organized. Made from durable polypropylene, it is built to last and withstand daily use. With its tight lid, it helps to contain odors and prevent pests from entering. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of this product.

Main Features

Durable Polypropylene Construction

The Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin is constructed from high-quality polypropylene, ensuring its durability and longevity. It can withstand the rigors of everyday use in a busy kitchen environment.

Tight Lid

The tight lid of this waste bin helps to seal in odors, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. It also prevents pests such as flies and insects from accessing the waste, maintaining a hygienic environment.

Large Capacity

With a generous capacity of 87 liters, this waste bin can accommodate a significant amount of waste, reducing the frequency of emptying. It is perfect for commercial kitchens or households with high waste production.

Easy to Use

The pedal mechanism allows for hands-free operation, promoting hygiene and convenience. Simply step on the pedal to open the lid, and it will close automatically once you release the pedal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the waste bin easy to clean?

Yes, the Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin is easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or use mild soap and water for tougher stains.

2. Can I use this waste bin outdoors?

While this waste bin is primarily designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors as long as it is protected from extreme weather conditions.

3. Does the waste bin come with a liner?

No, the waste bin does not come with a liner. However, you can easily use standard bin liners or garbage bags to keep the bin clean and facilitate waste disposal.


The Jantex Kitchen Pedal Waste Bin – Black Tight Lid 87ltr is a must-have for any kitchen. Its durable polypropylene construction, tight lid, large capacity, and easy-to-use pedal mechanism make it a practical and efficient solution for waste management. Keep your kitchen clean, organized, and odor-free with this innovative product. Order yours today and experience the convenience it brings!