Ice Bath Tub Outdoor with Lid: 320L Cold Water Therapy Tub for Recovery and Cold Plunge

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Ice Bath Tub Outdoor with Lid: 320L Cold Water Therapy Tub for Recovery and Cold Plunge


The Ice Bath Tub Outdoor with Lid is a 320L cold water therapy tub designed for recovery and cold plunge. This portable pool is perfect for athletes and individuals looking to reap the benefits of cold water immersion from the comfort of their own home.

UK Based Ice Bath

The Cold Pod is a UK registered product with stocks available in the UK. This ensures that any issues with the product will be sorted within 24 hours, providing excellent customer service and support.

Immerse, Cover, Repeat

The Cold Pod recovery pod-ice bath allows you to immerse, cover, and repeat anytime and anywhere. Whether you prefer to use it indoors or outdoors, this fully insulated cold plunge tub comes complete with a lid for convenience.

Lightweight and Robust

The Cold Pod portable bathtub is designed to be lightweight and robust. It is easy to transport and can be taken anywhere you go. The tub is also designed to fit most body types, allowing you to sit in an upright position for maximum comfort.

Engineered for Temperature Maintenance

This freestanding cold plunge barrel is engineered from 3 layers of robust, waterproof, and tear-resistant materials. The PVC inner layer, Nylon outer layer, and Pearl Foam middle layer work together to maintain the internal temperature of the tub, ensuring a consistent and effective cold water therapy experience.

Health Boosting Benefits

Using this ice bath tub for recovery after physical exertion provides numerous health benefits. Cold water immersion, also known as cryotherapy, has been shown to facilitate rapid recovery, decrease muscle soreness, reduce the risk of injury, and boost immunity.

Fuss-Free Installation

The Cold Pod ice barrel requires minimal maintenance and has an easy drainage system. Simply turn the drain on the Easy Flow Drainage System at the bottom of the tub to rinse the ice pod. It is recommended to replace the water every four weeks or as preferred. Water cleanliness can be maintained by using a water stabilizer or UV purifier.


The Ice Bath Tub Outdoor with Lid is a must-have for athletes and individuals seeking the benefits of cold water therapy. Its portable and lightweight design, along with its robust construction, make it a convenient and effective solution for recovery and cold plunge. Experience the health-boosting benefits of cryotherapy from the comfort of your own home with this innovative ice bath tub.