Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads – 100 Count

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Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads – 100 Count

Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads – 100 Count


Welcome to the world of hassle-free potty training with the Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads. These high-quality pads are designed to make the process of training your furry friend a breeze. With their superior absorbency and leak-proof design, these pads are perfect for indoor use.

Main Features

  • Size: 22″ x 22″
  • Quantity: 100 pads
  • Highly absorbent
  • Leak-proof design
  • Quick-drying surface
  • Odor neutralizing
  • Easy to use and dispose of

Benefits of Using Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads

1. Convenient: These training pads provide a convenient solution for potty training your puppy. You can easily place them in any indoor area, such as your living room or bathroom, making it easier for your furry friend to learn where to go.

2. Superior Absorbency: The pads are made with a highly absorbent material that quickly locks in moisture, preventing leaks and messes. This feature ensures that your floors stay clean and dry.

3. Leak-Proof Design: The leak-proof backing of these pads prevents any liquid from seeping through, providing an extra layer of protection for your floors. You can have peace of mind knowing that accidents won’t damage your carpets or hardwood floors.

4. Quick-Drying Surface: The quick-drying surface of the pads helps to keep your puppy’s paws clean and dry. This feature is especially beneficial for puppies with sensitive skin, as it reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort.

5. Odor Neutralizing: These pads are designed to neutralize odors, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. The advanced odor control technology eliminates unpleasant smells, creating a more pleasant environment for both you and your furry friend.

6. Easy to Use and Dispose of: The pads are incredibly easy to use. Simply place them on the floor, and your puppy will instinctively know where to go. Once used, you can easily dispose of the pads without any mess or hassle.


The Humane Society Indoor Puppy Training Pads are a must-have for any pet owner looking to potty train their furry friend. With their convenient size, superior absorbency, leak-proof design, quick-drying surface, odor neutralizing properties, and ease of use, these pads provide a reliable and efficient solution for indoor training. Say goodbye to messy accidents and hello to a cleaner, more hygienic home!