HOME GENIE Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

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HOME GENIE Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

HOME GENIE Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover

Upgrade your ironing experience with the HOME GENIE Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover. This cover is designed to help you iron faster and more efficiently, while also protecting your ironing board from scorching and staining. With its thick padding, hook loop fastener, and elastic edge, this cover is a perfect fit for standard ironing boards. Available in a stylish turquoise color, it will add a touch of elegance to your laundry room.


Reflective Silicone Surface

The reflective silicone surface of this ironing board cover helps to distribute heat evenly, allowing you to iron your clothes faster and more effectively. It also prevents the fabric from sticking to the cover, making it easier to glide your iron across the surface.

Heavy Duty Scorch and Stain Resistance

With its scorch and stain resistant properties, this ironing board cover is built to last. It can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged, and it is also resistant to spills and stains. This means that you can iron with confidence, knowing that your ironing board cover will remain in pristine condition.

Thick Padding

The thick padding of this ironing board cover provides a cushioned surface for ironing. It helps to prevent creases and wrinkles, ensuring that your clothes come out looking smooth and wrinkle-free. The padding also absorbs excess moisture, allowing your clothes to dry faster.

Hook Loop Fastener and Elastic Edge

The hook loop fastener and elastic edge of this ironing board cover ensure a secure and snug fit. It keeps the cover in place while you iron, preventing it from slipping or moving around. This allows you to iron with stability and precision.


Q: Is this ironing board cover machine washable?

A: Yes, this ironing board cover is machine washable. Simply remove it from the ironing board and toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Q: Will this cover fit my standard ironing board?

A: Yes, this cover is designed to fit standard ironing boards with dimensions of 15×54 inches. It has an elastic edge that stretches to accommodate different board sizes.

Q: Can I use this cover with a steam iron?

A: Yes, this ironing board cover is compatible with steam irons. The reflective silicone surface allows steam to penetrate the fabric, helping to remove wrinkles more effectively.


The HOME GENIE Reflective Silicone Ironing Board Cover is a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their ironing experience. With its reflective silicone surface, heavy-duty scorch and stain resistance, thick padding, and secure fastening system, this cover offers both functionality and style. Say goodbye to scorch marks and wrinkles, and hello to perfectly ironed clothes. Get yours today and enjoy the benefits of faster and more efficient ironing.