Gymreapers Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting Pull Ups Dips

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Gymreapers Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting, Pull Ups, Dips

Gymreapers Dip Belt with Chain for Weightlifting, Pull Ups, Dips


The Gymreapers Dip Belt with Chain is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to enhance their weightlifting, pull ups, and dips. Made with heavy-duty steel chain, this dip belt allows you to add extra weight to your exercises, helping you build strength and muscle more effectively.

Benefits of the Gymreapers Dip Belt

  • Heavy-duty steel chain: The dip belt is equipped with a strong steel chain that can withstand heavy weights, ensuring durability and safety during your workouts.
  • Adjustable size: The belt is adjustable to fit different body sizes, providing a comfortable and secure fit for all users.
  • Increased resistance: By adding weight to your exercises, the dip belt helps increase resistance, allowing you to challenge your muscles and stimulate growth.
  • Versatile use: This dip belt is not limited to just dips. It can also be used for weighted pull ups, chin ups, and other exercises that require additional resistance.
  • Easy to use: The Gymreapers Dip Belt is designed for convenience. Simply attach the weight plates to the chain and secure the belt around your waist for an effective workout.

How to Use the Gymreapers Dip Belt

  1. Adjust the belt to fit your waist size.
  2. Attach the weight plates to the steel chain.
  3. Secure the belt around your waist, ensuring it is tight and comfortable.
  4. Perform your desired exercise, such as dips or pull ups, while wearing the dip belt.
  5. Gradually increase the weight as you progress to continue challenging your muscles.


The Gymreapers Dip Belt with Chain is a high-quality accessory that allows you to take your weightlifting, pull ups, and dips to the next level. With its heavy-duty steel chain and adjustable size, this dip belt provides the necessary support and resistance for an effective workout. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter, the Gymreapers Dip Belt is a valuable addition to your fitness routine.