Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit – Product Description

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Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit – Product Description

Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit


Goupchn – Make something different. At Goupchn, we strive to provide high quality tools and accessories that inspire our consumers to live a more convenient and enriched lifestyle. Our unlimited passion for innovation and solutions drives us to move forward. We have a strong belief that only if we have a deep understanding of people’s needs and desires, we can make our products become different, which may make your life different.

Main Features

  • Package includes a variety of test leads, probes, clips, and connectors
  • High-quality copper material for strong conductivity and durability
  • Compatible with most multimeters
  • Perfect for electrical testing, automotive diagnostics, and more
  • Replaceable probes and connectors for expanded testing capability
  • Convenient and organized storage with a six accommodating position folded package

Product Details

The Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit includes:

  • 5PCS banana to alligator test leads
  • 2PCS male to male 4mm banana multimeter test leads
  • 8PCS replaceable probes set
  • 2PCS inner spring short needles
  • 2PCS banana to mini grabber hook wires
  • 15PCS back probes set
  • 5PCS insulated alligator clips to banana male
  • 5PCS banana female to female connector
  • 5PCS piercing probes with sheath
  • 5PCS lengthened wire piercing probes
  • 2PCS 4mm male to 2mm female adapters
  • 2PCS heavy duty alligator clamps
  • 2PCS insulation wire-piercing probes
  • A six accommodating position folded package

Technical Specifications

  • Leads: CAT III 1000V, 10A
  • Length: 3.3ft/1m
  • Rated current for banana to alligator test leads: 5A

Versatile and Reliable

The Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit is designed to meet various testing needs. The 4mm standard safe banana plugs ensure strong conductivity, low resistance, and no signal loss. The banana to alligator test leads are soft, flexible, and durable, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The wire piercing probes allow for easy connection without the need to strip off cables, ensuring no damage to the cables. With a textured non-slip design, comfort and reliability are enhanced.

Expand Your Testing Capability

With the 57PCS multimeter test leads back probe kit, you can not only perform electrical testing and automotive diagnostics but also utilize it in physics laboratories, schools, homes, and industries. The replaceable probes, banana plugs, alligator clips, wire piercing probes, and test hook clips provide versatility and flexibility, allowing you to tackle various testing scenarios with ease.


The Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit is a must-have tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its high-quality construction, versatile features, and expandable capabilities make it a reliable companion for electrical testing and automotive diagnostics. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Goupchn Multimeter Test Leads Kit and make a difference in your testing endeavors.