Fast Heating Towel Steamer – Description and Benefits

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Fast Heating Towel Steamer – Description and Benefits

Fast Heating Towel Steamer


The Fast Heating Towel Steamer is a revolutionary product designed to provide clean and warm towels in a matter of minutes. It is perfect for day spas, nail salons, barbers, and hot shaving. With its high-temperature steam and efficient heating system, this towel steamer ensures that your towels are thoroughly heated and free from any bacteria or germs.


The Fast Heating Towel Steamer not only heats towels but can also be used to heat massage stones or other products. The hot water steam generated by this steamer not only cleans the towels but also promotes healthier skin. Unlike traditional towel cabinets, this towel steamer heats up 5-10 times faster, allowing you to get warm towels in a very short time. It is important to use a pair of tweezers to pick up the heated towel to avoid burns, as the steam can reach a high temperature of 202°F.

How to Use

Using the Fast Heating Towel Steamer is simple. Just add water that is smaller than the maximum water level in the steamer and put the towel inside (wet towels work better). You can also place massage stones in the steamer. Once everything is in place, rotate the chronograph button to start the heating process. In no time, you will have warm towels ready to use.

Capacity and Size

The Fast Heating Towel Steamer has a capacity of 5-8 small towels or 3 medium towels. Please note that it cannot accommodate large bath towels. Its compact size of 4 x 6.8 x 8 inches makes it easy to fit in any salon or spa setting.


  • Fast heating: The towel warmer heats towels in just 10 minutes, reaching temperatures up to 202°F.
  • Good quality and safe to use: Made of high-quality and expensive materials, this towel warmer is durable and safe. It won’t rupture if accidentally dropped and automatically shuts off when there is no water.
  • Healthier skin: The high temperature steam of 202°F effectively cleans the towels, leaving no dead spots. Warm towels make it easier to clean our skin, promoting better hygiene and overall health.
  • Long-lasting: The towel heater is high temperature resistant and comes with a 200-day warranty, ensuring its durability and reliability.


It is important to note that the water in the towel steamer will boil during operation to heat the towels quickly and clean them effectively. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the towel steamer out of the reach of children to prevent any accidents or burns.

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