Cry Babies Dressy Kristal – 12″ Baby Doll

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Cry Babies Dressy Kristal – 12″ Baby Doll

Cry Babies Dressy Kristal – 12″ Baby Doll


Welcome to the world of Cry Babies Dressy Kristal! This 12″ baby doll is not just any ordinary doll. It has a unique feature that sets it apart from the rest – it gets sick and feels better! With its realistic design and interactive functions, this doll is sure to captivate the hearts of children and provide hours of imaginative play.

Main Features

Realistic Design

Cry Babies Dressy Kristal is meticulously crafted to resemble a real baby. From its adorable facial expressions to its soft and cuddly body, this doll is a perfect companion for your child.

Interactive Functions

What makes Cry Babies Dressy Kristal truly special is its interactive functions. When your child presses its tummy, the doll starts crying tears that look just like real tears. It also makes realistic baby sounds, adding to the immersive play experience.

Sick and Feels Better

One of the most innovative features of this doll is its ability to get sick and feel better. When your child feeds it with the included medicine bottle, the doll’s cheeks turn red, indicating that it is not feeling well. But don’t worry, with a little love and care, the doll recovers and its cheeks return to normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make the doll feel better?

To make the doll feel better, simply feed it with the medicine bottle included in the package. The doll’s cheeks will turn red when it is not feeling well, and after giving it the medicine, its cheeks will return to normal.

2. Can the doll cry real tears?

Yes, the doll can cry real tears. When you press its tummy, it activates the crying function, and tears will flow from its eyes, just like a real baby.

3. Is the doll suitable for all ages?

The Cry Babies Dressy Kristal doll is recommended for children aged 3 and above. It contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard for younger children.


Cry Babies Dressy Kristal is not just a regular baby doll. With its realistic design, interactive functions, and the ability to get sick and feel better, it offers a unique and engaging play experience for children. Bring joy to your little one’s life with this adorable 12″ baby doll!