Chefast Bottle Pourers Set: 8 Stainless Steel Pour Spouts 10 Long Dust Cap 2 Cocktail Picks Brush and Storage Bag – Metal Toppers for Liquor Spout Pourer Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

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Chefast Bottle Pourers Set: 8 Stainless Steel Pour Spouts, 10 Long Dust Cap, 2 Cocktail Picks, Brush and Storage Bag – Metal Toppers for Liquor Spout Pourer, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

Chefast Bottle Pourers Set


The Chefast Bottle Pourers Set is a must-have accessory for any home bar or kitchen. This set includes 8 stainless steel pour spouts, 10 long dust caps, 2 cocktail picks, a brush, and a convenient storage bag. With these metal toppers, you can easily pour your favorite liquors, oils, and vinegars with precision and style.

Main Features

  • 8 Stainless Steel Pour Spouts: The set includes 8 high-quality stainless steel pour spouts that fit most standard bottles. These pour spouts ensure a smooth and controlled pour, preventing spills and waste.
  • 10 Long Dust Caps: Keep your pour spouts clean and free from dust and debris with the 10 included long dust caps. These caps are easy to put on and take off, providing a hygienic solution for storing your bottles.
  • 2 Cocktail Picks: Add a touch of elegance to your cocktails with the 2 included cocktail picks. These picks are perfect for garnishing your drinks and adding a stylish finishing touch.
  • Brush: The set also includes a brush for easy cleaning of the pour spouts. With this brush, you can easily remove any residue or buildup, ensuring that your pour spouts remain in top condition.
  • Storage Bag: Keep all your pour spouts, dust caps, cocktail picks, and brush organized and easily accessible with the included storage bag. This bag is compact and portable, making it perfect for home use or on-the-go.

Versatile Use

The Chefast Bottle Pourers Set is not only perfect for liquor spout pouring but also for oil and vinegar dispensing. Whether you’re a professional bartender or a home cook, these pour spouts will make your pouring tasks easier and more precise. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity, making this set a great investment for any kitchen or bar.


Elevate your pouring experience with the Chefast Bottle Pourers Set. With its high-quality stainless steel pour spouts, dust caps, cocktail picks, brush, and storage bag, this set offers everything you need for precise and stylish pouring. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a drink at home, this set will enhance your pouring skills and impress your guests. Get your Chefast Bottle Pourers Set today and take your pouring game to the next level!