Barilla Pasta Classic Spaghetti made with durum wheat Bulk Pack of 24 x 500g

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Barilla Pasta Classic Spaghetti made with durum wheat, Bulk Pack of 24 x 500g

Barilla Pasta Classic Spaghetti made with durum wheat, Bulk Pack of 24 x 500g

Making Italy’s best pasta for over 140 years, Barilla’s classic Spaghetti n.5 looks like small pieces of string, from the Italian word “spago”. Its popular shape makes it suitable for almost any pasta sauce, whether it’s oil, dairy, or tomato-based. Make fresh seafood dishes like a Spaghetti Marinara, or pair it with a Pomodoro sauce and your favourite meat or vegetables. Part of our Classic Blue Box range, which means perfect, quality “al dente” pasta every time, our Barilla Spaghetti n.5 cooks in just 9 minutes.

Simply bring water to a boil in a large pot, add the Spaghetti, and a generous pinch of sea salt to the cooking water to enhance the pasta’s flavour. For authentic “al dente” pasta, boil uncovered, stirring occasionally for 9 minutes. For pasta that’s more tender, boil for an additional minute. Drain well and serve the Spaghetti immediately with your favourite Barilla sauce.

With a variety of shapes in our line of traditional semolina pasta, you’re sure to find the perfect pasta for any recipe. From our short pasta shapes like Blue Box Elbows or Farfalle to long pasta shapes such as Blue Box Linguine or Spaghetti, you’re guaranteed to always get a perfect “al dente” bite.

At Barilla, we are passionate about pasta and have been sharing our passion with the world since 1877. We believe that cooking for someone can be a true sign of love, told in a few minutes by preparing a beautiful dish of pasta for the people you care about most. At Barilla, we strive to make pasta and sauce products that are good for you and good for the planet. Barilla. A sign of love.


  • Durum WHEAT Semolina
  • Water


Cooking time: 9 minutes

Manufacturer Contact Information

Barilla G. e R. Fratelli, Società per Azioni, Via Montavo 166, Perma, Italy.

Authentic Italian Pasta

Our Spaghetti pasta will transport you straight to Italy with its authentic Italian taste. Made from high quality, carefully selected durum wheat and water, our Spaghetti pasta is a firm favourite for busy family meal times.

Ready in 9 Minutes

Perfectly al dente, our Spaghetti pasta cooks in 9 minutes. Spaghetti is the ideal pasta for any sauce, its shape is designed to pair with anything from elaborate and dense to simple sauces.

Versatile Meal Ideas

Our Spaghetti is so versatile you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. Not only can you simply pair it with our delicious range of pasta sauces, but why not try it as a cold summer dish with pesto and cherry tomatoes? Great for experimenting with new flavors.

Great Source of Energy

Barilla pasta will help keep you fuller for longer and is a great source of energy.

Barilla Since 1877

An Italian family’s run company, Barilla is a world leader in pasta and ready-made sauces in continental Europe. Discover our range of pasta and sauces.