Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint – Description

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Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint – Description

Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paint

Make Your Artwork Shine Bright

Add a bit of highlight to your next piece or create a glimmering piece that mimics the look of liquid metal. Each pearl acrylic paint is filled with shining pigments that provide a beautiful accent and tone to any piece of artwork or craft project. You’ll find regal tones like shining gold, silver, copper, and more in this heavy-body acrylic paint set.

Smooth & Blendable Texture

Use these thick and rich paints to add texture and dimension to your dynamic artwork. The paint will hold the shape of your brushstrokes and dries quickly so you’ll be able to create buildable layers. If you happen to make a slight error, you can either wipe it away while the paint is wet or wait until the paint dries to paint over the mistake.

For Crafting & Fine Art

Make masterpieces on a variety of surfaces like wood, glass, canvas, rocks, and more. You can even use these on black canvases or paper for an even more intense pop of shine. These non-toxic acrylic paints can also be mixed with pouring medium so you’ll have plenty of shining colors to use in your unique pours. Whether you’re working on large or small projects, you’ll have plenty of paint so you can keep on creating.

Shimmering Metallic Acrylic Paints

These glossy acrylic paints are heavy-bodied and filled with glimmering pigment. They’re perfect for crafting and creating fine art on a variety of surfaces like glass, wood, canvas, rocks, and more.

Get More of the Colors You Use Most

Each set contains popular shades of metallic acrylic paint like gold and silver in 4.06 oz tubes so you’ll have plenty of paint for all your craft ideas or your next large project.

Easy-To-Squeeze Tubes

Get just the right amount of quick-drying paint onto your palette without dispensing more than you need.

Designed and Created by Artists

Here at Arteza, we are passionate about creating products that inspire. For us, art is an expression of the human experience. That’s why we work to make our art supplies accessible to all people.

Art Supplies for Everyone

Arteza was built on providing quality painting, drawing & art supplies for all ages and levels. Find tons of arts and crafts accessories, paint sets, drawing supplies, and more for all your general needs as an artist.